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Yee Kwan                                 Ice Cream & Sorbet

We recently went along to visit Yee Kwan at her ice cream factory in Sheffield and was lucky enough to leave with some tasty samples!

We asked Yee to tell us her story:

Why ice-cream?:

“I have fond memories of my parents taking me to the ice cream parlour in Atkinsons when I was about 5 years old. Me and my sisters would have to choose from a banana split, coke float or knickerbocker glory.  It was so exciting for me!  A trip to Rome with one of my sisters also inspired me, seeing all the wonderful flavours and combinations on display was amazing, the taste and texture was unbelievable. I think most people, particularly children love ice cream, it’s a fun business to be in.  I find it very satisfying for me to see my customers trying my ice cream and seeing their eyes light up and mmmmming and aarrhhing once they’ve tasted it.”

What makes your ice-cream different?:

“My far eastern, spice and fruity ranges are inspired from flavours of the far east.  I haven’t found another ice cream manufacturer that offers the range of flavours that I make. I make all my ice cream on order, so there isn’t vast stockpiles of it sat in the freezer. Generally when a customer places an order, I make it fresh for them that week and deliver it to them within 7 days. It is made in small batches, and the flavours are carefully added and blended by hand so I know that each batch tastes perfect.  My base mix is relatively low in fat and high in taste, the flavour of the ice cream is more prominent, more so than the cream and the sugar. The texture is very smooth and is similar to Italian gelato.  All of my ice creams are gluten free, with the exception of amaretto, biscotti and ferrero roche.”

Tell us more about the different flavours you make:

“My far eastern range has some authentic oriental ice cream flavours, such as black sesame seed, green tea and red bean. These are very popular in the far east.  One of my best sellers is mango & passionfruit ripple which is a great combination. I’ve been quite daring and inventive and played around with other exotic fruits such as guava and lychee, they work really well too, very distinctive flavours that are delicate and perfumed. My spice range has flavours such as cardamon, chocolate & chilli, cinnamon, ginger and star anise.

These work very well on their own as well as accompaniments to other desserts such as tarts and poached fruits. My fruity range is lactose and fat free, they are sorbets that are made using fruit purees so the flavours are intensely delicious.  The lime and lemongrass has freshly squeezed lime juice and zest added, along with pure lemongrass oil - very refreshing, it adds a real zing to your day!”

Is your ice-cream made from natural ingredients?:

“The milk and cream is delivered to me twice a week by MG Mosleys in the Rivelin Valley. I try my best to source all my ingredients locally. A lot of the flavours and ingredients I buy from the local chinese supermarket near Bramall Lane.  There are no artificial preservative, stabilisers or flavours in my products.”

What can you do for weddings and events?:

“I have a beautiful traditional style tricycle with a freezer box that is available for hire.
It can be filled with 3-6 different flavours depending on the numbers of guests you have. I can bring a selection of tubs and waffle cones and also provide a member of staff to serve your guests. There is also the option of having the trike in my Yee Kwan branding which is beautifully designed - a pretty balinese parasol with mother of pearl hearts and little bells makes us stand out.

I can also design an individual menu for customers that will have their names, details of their wedding, flavours on. This can be circulated to guests and it is a great momento of their special day. I also offer a bespoke service to all my customers. If there is a special flavour that they would like for their event I will do my best to re-create it especially for them.”

Can potential clients have a tasting with you first to choose flavours?:

“I am happy for people to come and visit me at my little ice cream factory for free sampling of my products, by appointment only.  I am conveniently based in the centre of town, just behind Devonshire Green.”

Any idea of costs for a wedding or event?:

“To give you an idea of cost - a wedding with 80 guests located within the Yorkshire / Derbyshire region would cost approximately £350 + VAT. This would include the hire of the tricycle for 2 hours, the ice cream, cones and tubs, all staff costs, travel costs, insurances.”

Which of your flavours would you recommend for a vintage style wedding?:

“Flavours such as turkish delight, lavender, violet and ferrero roche ( I know it isn’t vintage, but it’s a real hit for all those chocolate lovers). These could be served in tasty waffle cones or sandwiched between 2 waffle discs to re-create that retro style.  Some pretty decoration would be a must also, maybe some small pieces of turkish delight added, sugared edible flowers or crushed parma violets.  Your guests would never forget something so unusual and unique.”

You can check out more about Yee Kwan’s delicious ice creams and the amazing range of flavours available, on her website, at www.yeekwan.com

Looking forward to a Summer of delicious ice cream!

Posted Mon, 10 May, by Jennie Beard
Categories: Catering, Ice Cream, Weddings

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