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Vintage Bridal Soiree ~          Pose for the Photobooth

We wanted the Vintage Bridal Soiree to be edgy and current whilst creating some new inspiring trends so we decided to use fresh colours from the 1950s such as aqua, lemon and coral.

We also wanted the Vintage Bridal Soiree to be a fun evening and wanted to include a photobooth concept. As we’d agreed to go with a circus and fairground theme, Laura from Little White Book offered to make a kissing booth for our event, which was absolutely amazing and one of the highlights of the evening!  Guests dressed up in hats, feather boas, scarves, shades and a whole range of other props from our prop collection at Hansley Beard and posed for photographer Helen from PH Weddings. Once again the Chimney House provided the perfect backdrop:

Wearing vintage dresses from our collection to match the colour theme, Katy and Shannon then posed for the camera:

Models: Katy Bangert and Shannon Alesayi

Photobooth Photography: PH Weddings

Kissing Booth: Little White Book
Props Hire: Hansley Beard
Colour Swatches from House Beautiful
Cupcakes by Blush Cupcakes

Vintage Bridal Soiree – organised by Hansley Beard, Little White Book, Coco Catering & Swallows and Damsons

Posted Wed, 27 Oct, by Jennie Beard
Categories: Aqua, Circus, Coral, Dresses, Fairground, Lemon, Photobooth, Photography, Vintage Styling, Vintage Weddings

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What fantastic pics - great fun fresh colours and styles…right, I’m off to the shops - need a summer colour pick me up! x

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