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The Garden Wedding of       Alyx and Jonny

As a wedding planner I like to be very hands-on and I often get asked by brides and grooms not only to help develop their ideas for their wedding decor but also to do the actual practical setting up for the wedding. Initially Alyx and Jonny got in touch with us to see if we could work alongside their wedding caterers from Sesame to help to decorate the reception tables. Alyx and Jonny were about to go to work in Singapore for 6 months and needed help to get things sorted whilst they were away (with frequent email contact!). In the end, Hansley Beard also sourced and prepared many of the decor products relating to their ideas for the entire outdoor site and sourced and set up the outdoor lighting, setting up the day before and on the morning of the wedding and going back the day after to pack it all away again. However this was no ordinary wedding as Alyx had arranged to have their outdoor wedding reception in her parents’ beautiful three-tiered garden in the idyllic village of Newton-on-Ouse in York, going down to the River Ouse. 

This meant bringing in everything from scratch to create a wonderful reception party for their 80 guests. Alyx and Jonny booked 2 Capri Marquees from Perfect Day Marquee Hire and we set about working out the spacing and logistics for catering, power, lighting and PA, visiting the garden and liaising with Alyx’s parents. We liaised with all the relevant suppliers before the wedding and then managed everything on the day (and night!) to ensure it all worked together smoothly in the right place at the right time! After months of measurements, KVAs and T-connectors, everything came together for what turned out to be a perfect sunny day with blue sky and fluffy white clouds. A big thank you especially to Paul from CVC Hire who came and set up the PA for both tents and hooked up all the electrics to the generator. Also to the members of our set-up team on the day, Emma Willis from The Wedding Daze and Rosa Shutt.

For now here are a few taster images from the wedding ceremony stage of the wedding day:

Alyx and Jonny were married at All Saints’ Church, 5 minutes walk from Alyx’s parents’ garden, arriving in an amazingly quirky pedicab from the Durham Pedicab company and the guests arriving in an old vintage bus from the Yorkshire Heritage Bus Company.

Alyx and Jonny said, “Even though we did a lot of planning and preparation before moving out to Singapore for six months, we found that decisions about décor and other details couldn’t be made any earlier than the months just before the wedding. Because of this we desperately needed help back in the UK to coordinate it all – and that’s where Hansley Beard was such an enormous help. They really eased the burden by doing all the researching and sourcing of décor details, which we simply couldn’t have done from Asia! Their previous experience and knowledge of where to source things was also a huge benefit – on our own we would never have found half the things we’d wanted when we first imagined the wedding.”

Tomorrow we’ll be showcasing the decor and the wonderful garden reception party so see you back here soon!

All black-framed photographs used by kind permission of the fabulous Damian James Bramley, DJB Photography, York

Posted Sun, 12 Sep, by Jennie Beard
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