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Creative Venue Decor ~ Vivienne & Matt’s Spring Wedding

We recently set up and decorated Vivienne and Matt’s wedding reception venue at Walkley Community Centre, Fir St, Sheffield. I worked together with Vivienne and Matt over a period of 6 months, developing their emerging creative theme and deciding how to bring these ideas into being in the practicalities of the room decor, ensuring it created not only the look that they wanted, but also the right feeling and atmosphere. Something that would be a reflection of them and also inspiring for their guests. Vivienne and Matt’s full wedding story will be revealed shortly on our main website. For now, here are Vivienne and Matt’s words about how we went through the creative process and lots of lovely pictures showing the final results….

“We’d heard of Hansley Beard’s work through friends. When we got in touch with Jennie and explained what we needed, she assured us that she could fulfil the brief. Jennie’s approach was firstly to find out all about what we wanted from the wedding, and about our tastes and ideas in general. Jennie is extremely good at asking questions to draw out our own thoughts and preferences. She could inspire our ideas with images and suggested props, without imposing her own style onto ours.”

“We realised that we wanted the decorations to reflect the freshness of springtime, and that green, white and pink would be our colour palette. Jennie would send us out on missions, for example to collect together fabric, pictures and items that we liked and we might want to incorporate into the design. When Jennie then drew all our paraphernalia together and presented our ideas back to us, we started to be able to really conceptualise the wedding decorations. We were delighted to see our ideas coming together and we knew we were on the right track. The next stage was to narrow down the ideas by deciding what we would actually have where, and how many we would need.”

“For instance, together we worked out we would need seven long tables, seven centrepiece trios of bottle-with-table-name-flag, light-jar and vase-of-flowers, all on top of a small central mat and table cloth. Jennie could hire us some of these props, and knew where to source the others so that we didn’t have to do the running around ourselves.”

“Jennie used recycled lemon juice bottles for the flags.”

“As we couldn’t use candles at the venue, Jennie came up with the idea of making light jars out of recycled glass jars, greaseproof paper and LED battery lights.”

“We used two different Amy Butler fabrics (Sweet Jasmine and Happy Dots) for the jam jar tops and also carried this theme through into the mat for the blossom vase, the basket linings and the photobooth backdrop. For the mats on the main tables we used a pretty lime coloured linen from John Lewis.”

“For the flowers we had vases of white ranuculus, green chrysanthenums, white and pink tulips and gysophilia made by Anna from Swallows and Damsons.”

“Our friend Susan also provided Jennie with a big bunch of may blossom for the buffet table vase.”

“Jennie made white tissue paper pom poms and hung them from the light fittings.”

“The flags had different street names on that Matt and I had lived on at different times in our lives and Jennie used lace ribbon on these to fit in with our theme.”

“Jennie’s vintage pearls collection were perfect for decorating our home-made cake and the delicate paper flowers matched my dress.”

“On the day of our wedding, we arrived at the venue shortly after our guests and the party was in full swing. The hall looked fresher and prettier than we’d ever seen it before – the white tablecloths reflected light around the room and the tall vase of blossoms brought the outside in!”

Photo credits:
Photos 1, 8 & 16 ~ Phoenix Photography
Photos 2, 3 & 9 ~ Jennie Beard
Photos 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 11, 13 & 14 ~ Dave Sutton Jones
Photos 12, 15 & 17 ~ Bea Marshall of Moogaloo
Brides Bouquet and Buttonholes also by Swallows and Damsons

Posted Sun, 04 Jul, by Jennie Beard
Categories: Spring Wedding, Venue Decor

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that was such an amazing day - the decor was spectacular.
we really enjoyed the whole day.